Dog and Cat Grooming Wipes

  • Durable
  • Plastic-free and Biodegradable
  • Contains ingredients derived from coconut and aloe vera
  • Made in the UK
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How it Started

My name is Emily and I am the proud owner of Lola the Cockapoo.

Lola loves nothing more than exploring and getting absolutely filthy on her walks. We live in the city and have no access to a garden hose so I was relying on wipes to clean her down before going back to the apartment. I quickly became frustrated with this, as the wipes were, without exception, too flimsy to tackle four muddy paws and more importantly, not biodegradable.
I wanted to create something extra durable, absorbent and large enough to cope with all four paws - this is where the idea for Pawgeous was born.

I am passionate about protecting the environment therefore creating something biodegradable with natural, kind ingredients and a low carbon footprint was vital.

Pawgeous wipes are produced in the UK and formulated with naturally derived coconut oil and aloe vera making them gentle on fur with a subtle and clean scent - happy owner, happy pet. I hope you find the wipes as useful as I do.

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